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Camps are the core of Rise Volleyball. Each camp will have thorough training on the fundamentals of volleyball - passing, attacking, setting, blocking, and digging - but also include in-depth mental strength training. Volleyball is a game of constant ups and downs and we become elite players when we can properly manage those ups and downs with solid fundamentals and a strong mindset.


1-on-1 Tutoring

1-on-1 in-person tutoring with BYU Men's Volleyball Coach, Devin Young. This service is available when Coach Young is in the area for a camp or when there is enough interest outside of a camp to justify travel to an area. You can request an appointment on the "One-on-One Tutoring" page and Coach Young will communicate with you directly about possible dates for this service in your area.

Computer Screens

Online Courses

The online courses have three main topics - Fundamentals, Mental Strength, and Shoulder Health. The Fundamentals series is a "chalk-talk" format where we look at how professional volleyball players (men and women) perform the fundamentals of the game. The Mental Strength portion will take you through a series of short videos about how to improve your mental skills in volleyball and in life. The Shoulder Health series was done as a partnership with Norton Performance to look at how a volleyball player can maintain a healthy shoulder for a long career.

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